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CrossGrips is designed to be compatible with the majority of door frames that feature top door molding heights between 2 to 4 inches and inside door frame widths ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 inches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 484 reviews

Great product … I even got these to work on my wierd doors. Very sturdy and safe . Pairs well with the ab straps also

Matthew Russell

Terrible customer service


Quality is not good for the money what they ask for. I had to return.

I can see how they could be great, but...

The CrossGrips don't work for my door frame. My inner doorframe is 7" wide so it just squeaks in at the max width of 7.5". However, the CrossGrips are very hard for me extend to their maximum width. I got one mounted to the inner doorframe with a great deal of effort. I took a break and came back later to try attaching the second one, but then decided not to bother when I noticed that there wasn't any space for my hand to fit between the Grips and the doorframe, so, I can't use them at all.

John Zuspan
Too long for delivery

The order was not filled 14 days ago. I just received it yesterday. I consider an order filled when I received the merchandise, not when you ship it out your door. DHL is a very bad delivery system. It took 2 weeks for the merchandise to get to the post office and they do not deliver to the door. Had I known that was the delivery method, I would have bought the merchandise somewhere else. I like the product but not the delivery method.