Hyperbell Bar and EZ Curl Bar companion set

Some call it the must-have accessory that turns the Hyperbell System into a complete home gym—and we don’t disagree. Adding resistance to your bar-based workouts is simple, secure and so very satisfying. Watch your gains multiply with consistent use.

Doorway-Ready Hyperbell Resistance Bands

While we created the Hyperbell Resistance Bands for our Hyperbell Bar system, you can also easily connect them to doors for curls, tricep extensions, lat pulls and more—or just use a la carte.

They Hyperbell Resistance Bands work with any hinged door that closes securely. The possibilities are (seemingly) endless.

Easy to use

Innovative adjustable clamps easily transform your Hyperbell Bar or EZ Curl Bar into versatile barbells integrated with resistance bands.

Attaches quickly, allowing a moment to recover while resetting between sets.

Maximize the gear you already own

Like all Jayflex products, the Hyperbell Platform is intentionally designed to take up very little space, and to maximize the gear you already own, saving you from buying a bunch of big, bulky equipment that clutters up your home and takes a bite out of your wallet.

While giving you a substantially more varied workout than your dumbbells alone can provide.

Pro tip: Challenge yourself even further by adding Hyperbell Resistance Bands to your Hyperbell fitness regimen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Rex Lawler
Great product, somewhat frustrating communication, for me.

First off, I am 68, and not electronic communication savvy, so I got frustrated with the ordering form, there was a mix up that was beyond my control. I have a neighbor with non existent morals, but by some miracle someone else saw the box & left it at my door. Thank God for small miracles. I had also left instructions for the delivery person to call once I discovered the package would arrive here instead of my wife's workplace instead of home, but, to be fair to jayflex, they NEVER do. So.... that is a wash.

Ok, that sounds small compared to the TERRIFIC product I received. The bands and attachments are a cut above Anything anyone else has to offer. For 59 measly dollars. Professional level equipment.
I am/was a Master Chimney Mason and performed all types of restoration for over 30 years. I have been working out using my bodyweight and one 50lb dumbbell. I was catastrophically retired, and now I should be ready to make a comeback by spring '24. 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for the bands. Thanks Jayflex. Rex.

Marlon Pozo
Creative Way to Workout

These bands have changed the my workouts. when i can’t access the gym the job gets done with these!

Cheryl Walker
Effective and durable!

These are great quality resistance brands that are easy to use. They are versatile with different handle options. It’s nice when they are clearly labeled and come with exercise ideas too! I’m loving these bands!

Sean MacAulay
Better than Expected

With the price of these Jayflex bands being so inexpensive, I didn’t expect them to be much to them. This is the very first time I’ve had bands to workout with. I was pleasantly surprised. I worked out this morning and put the bands to work. I did pecks and AB’s. I really got a great workout using them. Not too shabby. Thanks

Nicholas Cefaratti
Great band system

These bands have helped me in both strength and flexibility without the danger of injury