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CrossGrips is designed to be compatible with the majority of door frames that feature top door molding heights between 2 to 4 inches and inside door frame widths ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 inches.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Oakley
Exactly what I was looking for

I had a pull-up bar that did not fit any of the doorways in my apartment; the doorways were either too narrow or up against a corner. Door-mount pull-up bars stick out too much beyond the sides of the door frame, so they don’t work if there is a wall right next to your door. I had to very reluctantly give my bar away. The CrossGrips solved my problem since each handle can be individually positioned on the frame. I’m so happy to be doing pull-ups and hangs at home, finally. I’ve been using the CrossGrips for a couple of weeks now. I use them on a bathroom door, so I remove them and put them back up frequently. The process was slightly tricky at first but now it’s a breeze. Not a hint of damage to the molding or scuffs on the wall even with all my removing and adjusting. The CrossGrips feel incredibly sturdy and do not budge under my 200 lbs body weight. Handles are a little thin but that’s fine for portability. Gloves help, also ordered some Fat Gripz to try on the handles. But honestly I’m adjusting to the handles pretty quickly and have stopped using gloves. This is one of those awesome products that truly solves a very specific problem. It is a game changer for people whose home workouts are impacted by space limitations.

Do some QC!!!!!!!!

Bought on amazon and one of the grips is angled downwards..... after a little research it seems most are delivered this way. Disapointed when all it would of took is 10 seconds of Quality control. It is almost like nobody is checking the product at all. As someone who works in manufacturing i dont think this is reasonable.

Kristofer Schlachter
Not great

The handle on grip droops. They are just a bit too narrow and even when using the twisting protip take too much effort emplace.

Two attempts

Like many other reviews mention, my first pair was not symmetrical due to an issue in manufacturing. One bar hung diagonally downwards. They issued me a return label and sent another - not perfect but useable. These did not fit on my wide and tall, older style doorframes. My fault for not measuring.. I can appreciate the concept of these grips and would enjoy the portability if I was able to use them. Also not a fan of the slick grip (matte) for the handles.

Frank Welch
Frank W

the cross grips are just what I was looking for in my office. I also look forward to using them for push ups! Great product