Adjust the distance between each handle to allow for different workouts.

Added bonus: you can clamp Ryze Ups to your door frame at different widths, for positional variety and honing in on different muscle groups.

A great way to get an upper body and core workout with very little gear. Both handles have multiple lock-in positions for a variety of pull-ups and grip styles. Ideal for improving strength in ways traditional pull-up bars can’t.

Innovative design cues.

All you need is a door, and you’re ready to go with Ryze Ups. An innovative zip clamp and release button allows for simple, fast adjustments. Durable grips are designed to lock securely onto your door, so you’re not going anywhere but up.

Who doesn’t love a little variety?

At Jayflex, we’re all about giving you the best equipment for outfitting your home gym and making it easy to achieve your workout goals on the daily. We’re also kind of obsessive (in a good way) about doing it with minimal gear that presents a multitude of workouts. Hence the reason why we created the only pull-up tool with rotating grip—so you can focus on your forearms and triceps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Hugo Vilca
Unusable Product

I was excited when I first purchased my Ryze Ups. When it actually arrived the product was defective, the security nuts does not lineup with the hole in the arms that clamp the Ryze Ups to the door frame, making it impossible for the security screws to go through and tighten. I reported this provided pictures and was given a replacement unit, but the issue is the same. It looks like their molds are not being made properly



Rick LeBeau
Beware of damage to door frame

In theory, these work great. They certainly were able to support my bodyweight (175 lbs). However, before I'd even done 100 pull-ups on these devices, the door frame started to crack, while pulling away from the drywall. The drywall also cracked.
So, there's that.
All in all, I'd say that if you're going to use these devices, make sure you have a very secure door frame.

Karama Blackhorn
Returning too bulky

I thought perhaps they would be perfect for my small door frame and they are but the time and clunky lines of setting them up is a lot for me. I realized mounting a bar above was going to be a better work around for me personally. Generally they seem great though just not for my needs. Will be returning. love the rest of thier bars that I have though!

Great Product

Great product, holds up steady, I weigh 165 lbs and it easily supports my weight. My one critique is the grip on that handles aren’t great. Easy way to fix this is to buy Baseball grip tape for $5 and add it to the handles.